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Fresh off a decisive victory in a parking lot brawl in Oakland the previous weekend, the Bay Area’s most hated band, Zero Progress headlined a sold out show in Davis, Calif. on April 27, 2013.

After arriving in a limousine, the band and their supporters had to break through a picket line of Facebook event page protestors to get inside the venue. But once inside, they were greeted by over 400 chain $wingin’ fans.

The venue’s security tried to limit the flow of chainz coming in and out of the room with a fire Marshall enforced capacity of 200, but were unsuccessful. Throughout the set, fans in the capacity crowd swung chainz and other metal objects to show their support for Zero Progress and their freedom-rock message of individuality.

After the set, which critics are now calling “the greatest hardcore set of all time,” one young man was stretchered out of the building and air lifted to a local hospital where he was treated for chain related injuries.

According to his family, the young man is “doing better everyday” and can now “stand on his own again.”

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tonight’s show was awesome…

Zero Progress / New Brigade / Broken Needle / Disapproval / Repel / Higher Learning / Enough Said

I’ll post pictures by Sunday.

Missed the shot, can’t see The Champs hair.

Such a fun night!